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With the increase of fuel prices across the United States, in addition to the problems caused by automobile emissions, it has become clear that cars traditionally fueled by gas are no longer the answer to our transportation needs. Electric automobiles, on the other hand, are becoming more affordable than ever. These options allow people to save money on renewable energy sources, while simultaneously protecting the environment. 

Originally, drivers were worried they would not always have access to power their electric cars, but with the innovation of better EV chargers, this problem is now firmly in the past. You too can benefit from your own personal electric vehicle charger at your residence, simply by reaching out to our experienced technicians at Furman Electric for excellent EV charger services in North Attleborough.

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Choosing the Right EV Charger for Your Home

Deciding to go electric is only the first step of the process. When you are seeking a powerful and efficient charging station for your electrical vehicle, you will also need to determine which product best serves your needs. 

Because of all the options that are available on the market, this process can quickly turn into an overwhelming experience – unless you have one of our dedicated specialists by your side. 

Our knowledgeable experts can give you detailed information about all the different available options, as well as advice regarding which particular models would fit your specific needs.

Some of the most crucial elements to consider as you are choosing your EV charger include:

  • A high standard of safety, which is the primary priority for a station installed at home
  • A product that is in compliance with all National Electric codes and requirements for UL 
  • An affordable, fair price based on competitive rates in the area
  • The amount of amperage available to charge the number of vehicles at your property
  • The length of the cord attached to the station to increase your flexibility and use of space

Expert EV Charger Installation and Maintenance

Our professionals are not only experts in terms of their vast knowledge of EV chargers but their practical experience as well. 

Once you have selected the perfect charging station for your home, you can count on our team to provide an excellent installation. 

If you ever need troubleshooting services or occasional maintenance, they are equipped and ready to provide the care you need, no matter what type of charger you have.

Just a few examples of the superior quality EV chargers we can install or service within your home include the products by:

  • ChargePoint 
  • Juicebox
  • Clipper Creek

Optimize Your EV Charging with Professional Installation

Are you looking to optimize your electric vehicle charging experience? At Furman Electric, we understand the importance of efficient and reliable charging for your EV. 

Our team of experienced electricians can help you make the most out of your EV charger installation in North Attleboro and Bristol County.

Factors to consider when selecting your EV charger installation:

  • Charging speed: Different EV chargers offer varying charging speeds. We can help you choose the right charger that matches your vehicle's battery capacity and your charging needs.
  • Charging location: Whether you need a home charging station or a commercial charging solution, we can provide expert guidance on the best location for your EV charger installation.
  • Compatibility: Our electricians are well-versed in the different EV charging standards and can ensure that your charger is compatible with your vehicle.
  • Smart charging capabilities: Smart chargers offer features like scheduling, remote monitoring, and energy management. We can help you select a charger with the right smart capabilities to fit your lifestyle.

When it comes to installations, repairs, and maintenance of EV chargers, you can trust our team of professionals. We have the expertise to handle all aspects of your EV charging needs, ensuring that your charging system operates safely and efficiently.

Choose Furman Electric for all your electrical service needs. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we are the bright choice for your EV charger installation and electrical support. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

Depend on Our Professional Electrical Services in North Attleborough

The decision to use an electric vehicle does not have to be a stressful one when you have our trustworthy experts by your side. Each step of the way, you can feel peace of mind knowing that our devoted electricians at Furman Electric can inform you with clear advice in language you can actually understand, rather than technical jargon.

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